Need some input on WC

<p>Any current students, alumni, etc...out there: If you have any input about Washington College, I would greatly appreciate it!</p>


<p>I just heard about this school, and think it might be a possibility for my D.</p>

<p>Does anyone know about most popular majors, whether the school is strong in studio art and biology/botany/environmental science, and what the general description of the student body is--i.e., preppy, crunchy, etc?</p>

<p>hi, im a current freshman. my major is bio with a concentration in pre-med WAC has a really strong science dept and just opened a beautiful new science building a few years ago! im also minoring in art history and have been told that students really love the teachers and again it is a very strong dept. (prof McCall is awsome) the student body is pretty preppy, people get pretty dressed up on weekends to go out and during class people usullu look pretty welll put together... however, there are also ppl who chose to dress more casually and thats cool to!</p>

<p>es219, Thank you for posting. How is the food, and how are weekends? Does the college provide some kind of bus service to get to a mall, or home on a weekend if one does not have a car? What are the dorms like? Thanks.</p>

<p>the food is pretty good... not always alot of choices but the staff is very nice and will make u just about anything u ask for if u dont see it out... there is also the cove which is kinda like a mini mart where u can order sandwhices and burgers... but the best part is u can use a meal excahnge there so u dont waste ur dinning hall meals if u chose to go to the cove instead... there are also alot of places to eat near campus that are really good and dont cost alot... im pretty sure there is a bus to the malls on the weekend however i have never taken it so im not very sure how it works... i dont have a car on campus but most of my friends do... mostly the biggest draw back i have found to WAC is its location compared to peter pan buses its bad.. so the only way i can get home is to be picked up kinda a drawback but hopefully u like it enough not to want to leave except on holidays :) im in a all freshman girls dorm and i love it alot... the dorms are pretty good there are alot of suit style and stuff for upper classman and normal dorms for freshman its nice! hope this helps!</p>

<p>es219, Thanks the information you provided was very helpful. I found the shuttle info on the school website. They do have a shuttle to the mall and meto station on weekends, and it goes to BWI for holiday breaks.</p>

<p>es219, I was just accepted as of yesterday. I am currently very interested in the pre-med program. how do you feel about it so far?</p>