Need some online shopping assistance (tank tops)

<p>I am sort of at my wit's end here. Over tank tops. Sad but true. I am looking for some good quality, not-too-skimpy, plain colored tank tops with a shelf bra. I have some awesome ones that I bought at Eddie Bauer a few years ago but they don't still carry them, at least not on their website. I am not a very adventurous on-line shopper, and the only other places I could think to look (LLBean, Lands End) didn't have any either.</p>

<p>Anyone happen to know where I can find a decent tank top??</p>

<p>Patagonia, and Prana both sell tanks.
Sports</a> bras, yoga clothing, womens sportswear, athletic apparel - Title Nine
^ usually has a good selection.</p>

<p>J. Jill</p>

<p>Women's</a> apparel, accessories, and footwear from J. Jill</p>

<p>So you want more of a tank top (thicker straps) than a cami, right???</p>

<p>I have got them at LLBean the last summer or two....but don't see them now....</p>

<p>This one might do: Women's</a> Cami Tank at TravelSmith Outfitters. - TravelSmith</p>

<p>Would have also suggested J.Jill. They carry both tank and cami styles with shelf bra in many colors. I have some.</p>

<p>I know this is counter-intuitive, but I really like the Victoria's Secret tank tops. And they have zillions with a shelf bra. Just buy a size larger than usual--they're cut to be VERY snug.</p>

<p>Solutions catalog is mostly stuff for the home...but they happen to have a few clothing items.</p>

<p>They've been running shelf bra camis and tanks for years. Since it's not really their "core" business, I would think they must be a very popular product!</p>

<p>Solutions:</a> home organizers, cleaners, kitchen, travel, pets, garden & more</p>

<p>I second the Victoria's Secret suggestion. I have had great luck with their tanks. They describe how 'supportive' their tanks are also.</p>

<p>I have coveted the ones from Athleta, but have not purchased one so I can't make a recommendation. They look good though.</p>

<p>I think that Solutions is a branch of Norm Thompson, which is why they have some clothing items in the Solutions catalog.</p>

<p>Here is a link to tank tops with shelf bra from Norm Thompson, and they are on sale.</p>

<p>Scoop-Neck</a> Reversible Neckline Cami | Norm Thompson</p>

<p>I have ordered several times from this company, and they are fine to deal with.</p>