Need some serious advice!

<p>Alright, so here is the lowdown. I am currently wrapping up my last semester at a community college, and am looking to transfer to a good school in which i can get a good starting platform to launch a good career. I am looking to go into finance, and i live in New York. I have been combing through some of the well known schools however im not really sure if i stand a shot where i stand now. Should i transfer to a decent business school, work hard then see if i could go for my MBA at a more prestige's school? Or do i possibly stand a shot to get into a prestige's school off the bat (and when i say prestige's i mean top 25 business schools). If so, please give me some names of some schools i should take a looking into.
My high school career was a rather mediocre one, however since then my transcript shows a massive improvement, starting off in community college i was just pulling a 3.2, however the past 2 semesters i have received 3.8's going full time, and got on the deans list. Also, if letters of recommendations are required or help in any way, i can get one from a founder and CEO of an investment company, and also a federal credit union on long island. So with that story said, any suggestions? I very much appreciate the help!</p>

<p>Unless you can pay for a top school for your last 2 years, you probably should commute to a SUNY, graduate, and then apply to a B-school for grad school.</p>

<p>Transfer students don't get much aid. What is your budget?</p>

<p>I know i can not afford out of pocket to go to any of the high end schools, i was hoping to get financial aid to cover the majority.</p>

<p>Most schools do not give much FA to transfer students. Cornell is an exception. Your biggest concern will be paying for college.</p>

<p>Which SUNY can you transfer to and commute to?</p>

<p>I really do not have many by me, there is stony brook but they really dont have the programs i am looking for. Is there any reason why you say commute? Do they not offer housing to transfer students?</p>

<p>Hate to be pedantic, but it's "prestigious", not "prestige's". (of course I probably misspelled pedantic).</p>

<p>I actually vote for mom's idea - SUNY and then to an MBA program. Keep in good business schools will require some work experience between your undergraduate degree and your MBA application.</p>

<p>Hahah yeah i had a feeling i misspelled it, but you guys know what i mean. I was considering her idea as well. Any suggestions for good suny schools with good business programs?</p>

<p>Several of them have undergraduate business programs. I'd check out Buffalo and Albany, but I'm a long way off so others will probably have better advice. You could also consider something other than business for undergrad - economics, accounting, math, computer science, etc.</p>

<p>I will look into them, any other suggestions?</p>

<p>SUNY and then a top MBA assuming you can get a good GPA.</p>

<p>As an academic advisement coordinator at a SUNY, I deal with many transfer students.
Transfer students often have a big adjustment to the 4 year college curriculum. Getting a 3.5 or higher at a two year school can often result in a 2.3, 2.0 or below in a 4 yr school. The workload is usually much more difficult.</p>

<p>So I think you definitely need to get adjusted at a 4 yr college level at a top SUNY (Binghamton, Genesceo and Oneonta are a few top AACSP accredited SUNY schools.)</p>

<p>Like mom2collegekids said, most transfer scholarships I've seen are for somewhere between 6 to 8 thousand per year. But there are full scholarships out there for transfers, too! Were you part of Phi Theta Kappa? That can help with scholarships.</p>

<p>15% of students at SUNY Binghamton major in Business/Marketing, and 91% of freshmen like it enough to return the next year. (Versus only 75% returning for a second year at SUNY Buffalo, and only 13% majoring in Business) The percent students studying business gives you a little bit of an idea of the likability of the program sometimes.</p>

<p>It's only $1K cheaper to go to Buffalo, and Binghamton is a far more selective school, so it might be a better match if you can get in.</p>