Need some serious help with ACT math.

<p>I graduated high school in 2006 and am now looking to finally start college. I'm taking the ACT next month and have bought a study book to help prepare myself. My English, reading and science score are pretty good, the scoring table in my book says I'm scoring in the 25-29 range for those individual tests. My math score is not so well, according to the same table, I'm in the 18-19 range. Math was never my strong point in school and honestly, anything above pre-algebra, I've "data-dumped" since I haven't used it in a few years. I bought a study book specifically for the math portion but that is no help since it assumes that you already know the information just need a refresher. I need more than a refresher though, I need to actually learn everything again since I cant recall anything for the life of me. What are some good books, websites or other media to teach someone like me these subjects? I only have about a month and know it will be very hard but, I'm just looking to bring my score up to a respectable level so it doesn't drag my overall score into the gutter with it, my other subjects should be able to make up for my sub-par math performance.</p>

<p>no ACT book or website will help you relearn stuff. when you take these tests, the point is to use the information that you have learned throughout your elementary and secondary school years. i suggest getting a tutor, but to tell you the truth it will take much longer than a month to relearn geometry, algebra, and trig. the SAT has easier math on it (in my opinion) because there is no trig and it is much simpler so may try that instead.</p>