Need some suggestions

<p>A friend of mine has a daughter applying to college. Just talked to the daughter last night and realized that she is doing this all alone and not getting any great advice - in my opinion, she has almost all reaches and one or two possibilities, and just one safety. She makes mostly Bs and an occasionaly C, she does competitive horseback riding (dressage and jumping), and has one volunteer job she has been doing for 3 years. Her SAT score is 1410 and she is waiting for the ACT score to come it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have suggested all the great southern schools I know about - but she says that she does not want to go anywhere hot. She has Vassar, Colby, Kenyon, Middlebury, and many others on her list. I think she is just applying to every school that came up when she did a search on college board. Paying for college is not an issue - she will not need any financial aid or scholarship. Also, this is a very shy girl who will need an environment that is nurturing and small - and hoepfully a place that has lots of structure. Thanks!</p>

<p>Quinnipiac, Muhlenberg, Sacred Heart, Susquehanna, Hartwick, Ithaca, and Bridgwater College has this on their website, if this is of interest:</p>

<p>"Horse Stables and Horseback Riding
Bridgewater College owns and maintains a horse barn on campus for the purpose of boarding students' horses. A boarding fee of $100.00 per month provides a stall, a large pasture for riding, tack room, and a riding ring. Each student is expected to maintain his/her horse and stall.
Horseback riding lessons are available at Oak Manor Farm, which is located in close proximity of the College. This class can be taken for credit by enrolling in Health and Exercise Science 185 - Horseback Riding. There is an additional fee of $560.00."</p>

<p>mt holyoke and connecticut college have active equestrian clubs</p>

<p>^ I would put those schools in the reach category.</p>

<p>How about Union, American, Clark?</p>

<p>Skidmore is in the middle of horse country (Saratoga Springs) has a women's riding team.

Saratoga Springs has long been famous for quality horses and skilled horsemanship, so it is no surprise that Skidmore boasts one of the nation?s top intercollegiate riding programs. </p>

<p>The Skidmore Team, which started in the early 1920s has won 15 of the past 17, regional titles within ZONE II, as well as five IHSA National Hunt Seat team titles, including the 1995, 1996, and 1999 championships. The team was Reserve Champions in 1994.</p>

<p>Skidmore College owns over 30 exceptional school horses, many of which are donated by renowned professionals, alumni, and friends of Skidmore. A number of these horses have competed in the Medals or Grand Prix, allowing riders on the Skidmore Women's Equestrian Team the opportunity to ride world-class horses every day.


And it's definitely not warm!</p>

<p>Goucher also has an equestrian team, but Maryland may be too far south for her.</p>

<p>Another school that might be worth a look is Drew University. They have an equestrian team as a varsity sport, </p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>and Drew is a much more realistic choice from the admissions standpoint than some of the others on her original list. It also fits the small, nurturing part of the bill.</p>

<p>1410/1600/ Or 1410/2400?</p>

<p>Thanks for the suggestions - I have requested info for the schools that would be a good fit - would have never come up with Drew, Union, or Clark. I think she would do very well at a place like Converse College, Sewanee or Millsaps but she won't hear about any schools in the south. I think that she has listened to too many people talk about the humidity and heat. Any other suggestions that would be comparable to the southern schools listed? I don't think riding is a necessity so any other schools that seem like a good match let me know - also if you can tell me some realistic reaches that would be helpful too. Thanks!</p>

<p>Forgot to mention - she is applying to Colorado College, too. What do you think about this selection? Any ideas about school in the west and pacific northwest?</p>

<p>1410/1600/ Or 1410/2400?</p>

<p>Hmm?? I am not really sure. She is suppose to send me the breakdown of the scores by email this evening. She described the scores as average to just below average when she was reading them off to me. I recommended she take the ACT which she did and is waiting for the scores </p>

<p>This is a situation of a bright child - who has parent's who are just not really in tune to the challenges of applying to college these days. The mom never went to college but is very well read and bright - the dad went to small private east coast college and then to get MBA from Wharton. This child, in my opinion, would take off with the right kind of advising and guidance in college. She has it in her and does want to be successful, but so far no one has ever expected her to do anything very well other than ride a horse.</p>

<p>She loves her volunteer job and part of it has to do with the mentoring and feedback she has received in the past few years. </p>

<p>As I get more details I will post - thanks again for all the help.</p>

<p>Others on the list may also be, but one thing to keep in mind is that Union is SAT optional.</p>

<p>Virginia Intermont College in Bristol,VA is one of the top "horse schools" in the nation. Equine studies is or was when my D. started in '03 the largest major in the school. It is a very small school, around 1100 students. Wonderful equestrian facility with two large indoor arenas, outdoor arena, cross country course, approx 100 stall barn, over 65 school horses, student boarder stalls available. D. has loved her "horse" time there.</p>

<p>From website:
..more than 95% job placement of Equine Studies graduates</p>

<p>...only college in the nation to place all three varsity teams in the top five at the 2003, 2004, and 2005 and 2006 IHSA, IDA, and ANRC Nationals</p>

<p>...2004, 2005 IHSA Collegiate Cup National Champions</p>

<p>...2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 National Tournament of Champions Overall Series Champion Team</p>

<p>...2006 IDA National Champion Team</p>

<p>...2004 ANRC Team - National Champion</p>

<p>Give us a little more. Is she crunchy granola, pierced, edgy, arty, or preppy? Urban or rural? Hate to let the horsey thing cause me to assume facts not in evidence. With money not a giant obstacle and a 1410 SAT, I think this one will be loads easer. </p>

<p>St. Benedict's , Hobart and William Smith, St. Olaf, Lake Forest, Cornell College (like Colorado College only easier to get in). I could name a bunch. Tell us a little more about personality and what she may want in an environment.</p>

<p>Mount Holyoke would be a GREAT choice.</p>

<p>Curmudgeon - not a crunch granola - I would describe her as outdoorsy. She is not artsy or pierced - perhaps the best way to describe her is she always looks like she walked off the pages of a Patagonia catalog. She is a non Mormon who has grown up in SLC and travels so much that she is a gold medallion frequent flyer with Delta. She comes from a privileged background but she doesn't really understand that (nor have I ever known her to act 'entitled'). I think her problem lies in the fact that academics have never been an important aspect of growing up. Her mother did not graduate from college but is very well read so she has done well in life. I am not quite sure the parents fully understand the competitiveness of college admission and are under the impression "she will figure it out" and "she will get in where she wants" - they have no idea that some of the schools on her list would not only be difficult to gain admission but may be difficult for her to do well since her high school years have been spent in a less than challenging environment. </p>

<p>I believe that she needs somewhere that will do alot of advising and hand holding the first year. This is what she needs. She also needs a small environment. </p>

<p>Keep the suggestions coming and I will post more stats as I get them. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>mkm56 -
How religious is Virginia Intermont College? Family not religious at all and if it is overwhelming it might be a deal breaker.</p>

<p>There is not enough to go by here. Just the equestrian part is one minor part, especially since it is not a "must." Even if her SAT were 1410 out of 1600 but her grades are mostly Bs, with some C's, the schools on her list are out of the question. However, I have a gut feeling that she meant 1410 out of 2400 because you mention her saying they were slightly below average and a 1410/2400 is below average. A 1410 out of 1600 is well above average. So, a kid with a 1410 out of 2400 and a B average (which may even be below a 3.0, you don't say but mostly B's with an occasional C might be a GPA that goes below 3.0) needs an entirely different list. I don't have enough to go by to make suggestions....her criteria in selecting a college would be important, the rigor of her courses, her rank, etc. She may want to look at some SAT optional schools such as Drew or Sarah Lawrence. However, if her stats are 1410/2400 and an UW GPA of below 3.0 and if her rank is below top third and her courses are not Honors or AP, her list as it stands is WAY off base.</p>

<p>Magsmom, VIC is not religious at all. There is a chapel on campus, that I think my D. has only been in when we toured. I guess in the info it is affiliated with Baptist, but certainly haven't seen any evidence on campus--though I'm sure there are probably "groups/clubs" to join if a student is so inclined. </p>

<p>The population for such a small school is very diverse. Maybe because of the "niche" type majors. Other very popular majors are Photography, Culinary Arts, pre vet, and paralegal. On campus one sees kids in athletic clothing, what I call "artsy kids", riders in their barn pants and boots, and a mix of others wearing Abercrombie type clothes.</p>

<p>If it is 1410/1600 .</p>

<p>O.K. well, I'm going to echo some of the womens colleges and some women's colleges that have men's campuses connected as I agree with other posters that this may be just the ticket, both for environment but especially for advising and mentoring for a student like her. College of St. Benedict /St. John's, Hobart and William Smith, Mount Holyoke, Bryn Mawr, Mills College, Agnes Scott would be great if she would do Atlanta. Hey Smith and Wellesley parents, any shot a full pay would have at Smith or Wellesley with a B average? </p>

<p>Then I like the Maine schools Colby or Bates but they are reaches for B students. I'd look at Lawrence and at St. Lawrence, and Skidmore. See if any of those fit. Some are pretty big reaches but hey- it could happen. You'll just make sure there are great safeties, too.</p>

<p>I like Lake Forest, Lawrence, and St. Lawrence too.</p>

<p>Magsmom how lucky this girl is to have you in her life.
She sounds so much like a girl I assisted last year-
Have you checked out this website?
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Schools compete in Zones, I think there are 36 schools with Varsity programs, many schools have competitive clubs which might serve her better, depending on her abilities. Some schools allow everyone to participate in their programs, some are HIGHLY competitive - Sweet Briar, and she may not ride.</p>

<p>Information Related To Adding the Sport
• Level of participation: Thirty-six schools offer women's equestrian as a varsity sport: 13 at Division I and 5 at Division II. Approximately 10,500 high-school aged female athletes compete in the sport.</p>

<p>The applicant I know decided to attend Marist-because a family member went there, and it offered her an equestrian club, and her speciality is dressage. I am not suggesting this for your friend, because there are too many unknowns still- the "fit" as curm mentioned. </p>

<p>Has she visited Vassar, Colby and other schools she is considering?
She needs matches- for a "shy horsey girl, with 1410 TOTAL SAT score", she is quite misguided. Geesh, where is her guidance counselor?- this is scary. </p>

<p>I will PM you later with more Equestrian information if you like :)
from my research last year.</p>