Need some wise piece of advice....

<p>Hello yall, i just finished my first year in vanderbilt and im really really stressing out. I end up with gpa of about 3.5ish which i was not really happy about it but felt ok because i came to the United States only 3 years ago. im definitely doing premed, and i have some sets of questions.</p>

<p>1) does medical school look at improvement over 4 years? and how much this is factor into admission (just generally)? i know undergraduate admission factor into it. </p>

<p>2) well, for gen bio i got b on both sem and gen chem a-,b. does medical school look heavily on both courses? or like grade A on orgo can make it up? Are these general courses really important??? i might be retaking chemistry 2nd semester. </p>

<p>3) this is kind of out of context but does dental school admission is less competitive then medical school admission? like gpa wise, DAT etc.</p>

<p>I would be so grateful if someone answers these questions. I am considering transferring to instate school because of this bad grade. someone plz help me!!!!!!</p>

<p>1) yes, to a limited degree.
2) each prereq is independently important
3) they are similar in terms of competitiveness</p>

<p>For Vanderbilt, if you have a 3.5+ overall gpa, a 3.5+ science gpa, and a 30+ mcat score, you stand an 80-90 percent chance of getting into 1 U.S. M.D. school.</p>

<p>Kyo, a 3.5 is in great standing, and as a freshman, is not difficult to raise with good grades (as opposed to raising GPA as junior). Also, individual grades in other pre-med requirements cannot “make up” for another poorer grade. As well, overall, a better grade in any harder class will not “make up” for a poorer grade in a lower class for medical schools. The general courses are extremely important</p>

<p>In my personal view of things, dental school is definitely hands-down less competitive than medical school. A lot less competitive? I cannot say, but certainly less.</p>

<p>thank you all for good advices. I have another question,
then can people make it into medical school with so-so grade in general courses like chem and bio???</p>

<p>Certainly possible. Too many variables uncontrolled for, to answer this question accurately. So-so (B?) grades in those classes won’t stand out like a C-F would stand out and won’t put you out of the running.</p>

<p>EH is right. To be more exact: if you have about half A’s and half B’s, then you can make it into medical school provided the rest of your application is pretty good.</p>

<p>Worse than that and you’re really starting to get yourself in trouble.</p>