Need Someone to Clarify all these for me please

<p>Hello everyone. I'm a high school junior and I'm planning to apply Columbia next year. I will be an international applicant. However since there is not much of an Ivy college discussion going on in my high school here in my country, i hear very little about them. It is always an option to go on the colleges' websites, but i feel like the info i get from there is very little and unclear. So can anybody clarify these points for me? </p>

<p>I know that this thread is extremely shallow considered to the others, but it is something i really need and i would appreciate if you respect this and either sincerely help me or just not to post stuff that says this is rubbish.</p>

<p>1) I'll be applying SEAS. However when applying do you have to be decided on your major? what you are going to study? or do you get to choose it on your sophomore year?
2)^^ If you apply not to SEAS, but to a certain faculty there, such as industrial engineering, do each of them have different application requirements?
3) What about Medical School? Do you apply for Pre-Med? is that in SEAS or Columbia College? how long is the Pre-Med? when do you get to study medicine?</p>

<p>Thank you.. Both for your help and respect</p>

<p>First-Year</a> Admission | Columbia University Office of Undergraduate Admissions </p>

<p>Has most of your general concerns, read up on Columbia's application policies on there, it is pretty darn thorough.</p>

<p>1) No.
2) You don't apply for a major, though you should have some sort of major interest in mind, thus there is no different app requirements based on major, there is one app.
3) You don't apply to be a pre-med, you just take courses that are asked of you by the med schools.</p>