Need Stanford SCEA Advice

On the stanford application, (item 12), you are allowed to submit an additional page of information (optional). I am planning to use this page to emphasize my upward trend in my academic strength throughout my high school years (I will include a chart with explanation). I am going to focus on how I learned English quickly as a second language (this is my fourth year in an english speaking country) and how that affected my academic strength (the upward curve is looks very nice).

I know you probably will tell me that I should not EA because they will want to look at my senior year marks, but I have my heart set on EA and I will EA! Please tell me if that optional page is redundant, or even, detrimental. I know that adcoms will probably figure out an approximate curve even if I did not attach the page, but I want to bring that to their attention so that they spend more time on it. It would be a disaster if they thought, “hey, why does this kid have so many B’s in freshman year?” …and then they toss away my app.

<p>Personally, I would wait for regular review if I was you and then concentrate on getting A's senior year. That way, you can show them that the graph continues to go up. EA is gonna be really tough at Stanford this year, so I would suggest waiting to make your app as strong as possible</p>

<p>thanks for the quick response. but EA to stanford is still the best early program that suits me. It'll be harder for me if let's say, I EA to yale. because I know stanford looks only at marks after grade 10. I understand that Stanford EA will be tough, but it's still the best option for me. so I will not apply RD. I can apply elsewhere for RD.</p>

<p>I agree with bymz because not only is EA so competitive at Stanford, Stanford rejects about 70% of their EA applicants. And many who got rejected EA are pretty amazing, many with 1600 SAT. If Stanford is really your first choice, you shouldn't risk it because you might get rejected out right EA. How are your stats and stuff?</p>

<p>About item 12, I don't think it's necessarily because from your application, they can figure out that English was not your native language. In part one, you fill in what country of citizenship you are and how many years you have lived in the US. There is no need to repeat fact. And for grade trends, they can see that trend from your transcript, you don't need to tell them that.</p>


<p>You said that they can "figure out" that English is not my native language. Hmm...They will? or they might? Maybe they will, and then they will disregard the matter. why would they ever accept a kid with rising grades instead of a kid with straight A in high school? I feel i need to emphasize it..but im just not sure if it's right :(</p>

<p>You have your heart set on Stanford, and people are saying how competitive it is. Besides GPA, it would matter how you scored on standardized tests and how special your ECs are. It would be a shame to waste the EA option.</p>

<p>It could be redundant to talk about rising grades, if other essays point to emigrating only 4 years ago.
Its hard to offer advice when only a small piece of 'you' is presented.</p>