Need Suggestion - ProGrad (grad night lockin) Snacks?


<p>Our Project Graduation (M.A.D.D. initiative) is almost upon us. We have been soliciting food donations and have received promises of finger sandwiches, chicken strips, pizzas & a frozen drink machine. We also have breakfast items.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any great ideas for some additional fun appetizer type food? Hopefully stuff that can be prepared ahead. I was toying with a chocolate fountain, but not sure that's worth the mess (or hygiene issues), but I want fun stuff!</p>

<p>Anyone who has done similar projects please comment. I'm told that the kids are too busy to care much about the food, but I don't want them to go hungry :-). We'll start at 10:40 and go til 5am.</p>


<p>I think a chocolate fountain is a great idea- it isn't that messy and very festive.
My daughters graduation had food at the venues where they went - but the first place was nasty pizza type stuff ( I was a chaperone for the year prior and the year after her graduation), and we didn't get decent food, until the last place we went at about 1am.</p>

<p>They will probably be starving after the graduation, because most kids probably were too excited to eat prior- so I bet they will eat afterwards.</p>

<p>Just have enough- and lots of water- non sweet things to drink- </p>

<p>Also separate out where the tables are- so you don't get one huge crowd- I also would get some apples/oranges- stuff like that</p>

<p>Do you have a Smoothie King near you? They have a good deal on small smoothies that come already in cups and packed in coolers, very easy.</p>

<p>How about a couple of those 5 ft. long subs?</p>

<p>I've organized the food for our AfterProm for the last 4 or 5 years...much of it we get is donated so whatever it is, we take it.</p>

<p>Our most popular items:
Shrimp and cocktail sauce
Nacho Bar - chips, taco meat, cheese sauce (you can rent the nacho cheese machines if you want "fun") sour cream, jalapenos and lots of salsa
Subs - cut them in small pieces if you have lots of other stuff</p>

<p>Someone recently told me that the soft serve ice cream machines are a big hit. If you get one of those, you don't have to worry about other desserts.</p>

<p>popcorn machine</p>

<p>Sorry...forgot to check back on this thread. LOVE the popcorn machine idea!! Thanks for the help.</p>

<p>Donations have been great: wings, sandwiches, use of a frozen drink machine and plenty of pizzas! Oooh.. the ice cream machine is also interesting. thanks!!!</p>