Need to decide Rhodes vs. Hofstra vs. Ohio State scholars for premed

This is post at the request of a friend. Accepted student is trying to decide between 3 colleges that are totally different. Student is interested in premed, so please post responses from premed point of view only. Below are final numbers after all awards. Student needs to make final selection in 2 days due to some program restrictions. We need help of the college confidential community to come up with pros and cons for each and make educated decision.

  1. Ohio State University scholars program. Cost of attendance to the family is 22k. 6 hours from home. (Visited and love!)
  2. Rhodes - cost of attendance 28K. 14 hours from home. Can only fly. (Visited and love but scared of distance from home and crime in the area outside of school a bit)
  3. Hofstra. Cost of attendance to the family is 40k. However, student was accepted into direct admit BS/MD Physician Assistant program. (They are going to visit tomorrow and know nothing about this program or Hofstra at all.)
    Student’s goal as of now to be a doctor, not a physician assistant. However, Hofstra is great plan B option.
    Any productive thoughts (pros, cons, what to look at) and suggestions are very welcome.

I’d say Ohio State, hands down. Close to home. Cheap. Large flagship state U, with tons of programs and majors. The family should realize that at least 2/3 of students who enter college with the intention of going to med school wind up going into something completely different. Plus you can major in anything and still go to med school. Pre-med is only a series of pre-requisite intro level science classes - mostly 2 yrs of chem, one of Bio, and one of Physics, all with lab, plus English, Psychology, perhaps statistics and/or calculus. It’s not a major. Many premeds wind up majoring in science, but there are all types of majors that wind up applying, and when it comes to the number of available majors, Ohio State beats the other two hands down.

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