Need to find a GOOD guide to JAVA

<p>My textbook SUCKS. My teacher SUCKS. </p>

<p>Do you guys know of any good JAVA book that can precisely explain JAVA?</p>

<p>I have the barron's apjava book too but it's too broad. </p>

<p>Especially: I need something that can explain classes, objects, methods, instance variables and how they all relate and how they are expressed in syntax. I need to get that down solid.</p>

<p>For example. keyboardreader reader = new Keyboardreader ();
why do we need to have the ()??? Isn't this just instantiation?
and aren't we making a new object called "reader"?, then why do we say "new Keyboardreader ();"....isn't keyboardreader the class? wtf. you see what i mean?</p>

<p>our school uses the textbook "BIG JAVA" or something like that. I'm planning on taking it next year</p>

<p>try Cay Horstmann's "Computing Concepts with Java Essentials"- I use it and it's ok-pretty good.</p>

<p>Yeah Big Java is good. But I hate Java!!!! It was my least favorite class last year, but that might have just been due to my horrible teacher.</p>

<p>know of any websites? or cheap books? </p>

<p>i really don't have money to buy the textbook</p>

<p>There's an ap java!? Wow.. How is java taught to you guys?</p>

<p>I have the ****test teacher every. Sorry, but it's true. I took java (really for the hell of it; it's one semester), and all we do is copy text out of a book. She doesn't even explain what the code is doing or means. Sigh..</p>

<p>copy text out of a book?</p>