Need to improve CR score REALLY fast!!!

<p>The first time I took a SAT diagnostic test, I scored 590 on the CR section... With more practice, my score improved to 740. But for the last few practice tests, it has again fallen down to 590. I practice all of the techniques I've read in different posts but the problem is that every time I eliminate, I am left with 2 answer choices that I find equally likely. And when I randomly choose from them, I always select the wrong answer. Also, I always seem to be short on time.
My SAT is on 3 December and I need help to improve my score back to my 720-740 range really fast. Please help... the 590 is hurting my usual 2200 score and I am now getting in the 2000 range.</p>

<p>When you're down to the last two choices, try to point out why this or that choice is wrong, rather than why this choice is right. Look for something in the passage that contradicts one of the choices.</p>

<p>Thanks SirWanksalot.
Any advice for time management?</p>

<p>That can only be achieved through practice. You need to experiment, and see what works best for you. Maybe marking line references would suit you. How about reading the first and last sentences of each paragraph, then reading the questions, and looking for the answers in the passage? There are many techniques for approaching the passages, and you'll have to see what you prefer.</p>

<p>My reading speed is quite fast, I can read the whole passage in about a minute. The problem is that figuring out from the last 2 choices takes a lot of time. The thing is when I complete a test in 30 minutes I get a much higher score than what I get in 25 minutes. Despite whatever I do, it seems to me that I always need 5 minutes more.........</p>

<p>Hmm...... I tried that and guess what got I back into the score range of 670-740. </p>

<p>I've read numerous threads on how to improve CR scores but what really works for me is the traditional method of 'read slowly and then answer'. But for me reading slowly means going at the rate of 500 words per minute... as I already said, my reading speed s quite fast!</p>