Need to make a Decision

<p>Help, i am really uncertain. i have a full scholarship from a state school (kelley school of buss)
and did receive some aid from Cornell admitted into the Dyson school of buss.
I also want to double major in biology.
i can't decide</p>

<p>From what I assume, I think that you want to go to Cornell but that you feel obligated to accept the full scholarship from your state school. You want to step out of your comfort zone and go for it, but there’s that lingering thought that it would be wasteful to be presented with an amazing scholarship and not accept it.</p>

<p>I was in a familiar situation as you; accept an irresistible scholarship to a great school, or go somewhere that would completely change what I am capable of developing into? What I personally ended up deciding was that it was worth it to try something completely different and allow myself to factor in how much I would grow as a person in such an engaging environment.</p>

<p>But if finances are an issue, it might have to come down to that. There’s always the argument that you should go to a cheaper undergraduate school and then splurge on the graduate degree, but if we’re given this amazing opportunity to be in a stimulating place for a full 8 years as opposed to 4, then why not? Ultimately, I say Cornell; but obviously you’re going to find most of the people here biased to that perspective.</p>

<p>Any way you choose, I wish you luck. You’re deciding where you’re going to be for the next 4 years of your life… try to choose what you want to go rather than what you feel obligated to pursue, whichever way it ends up.</p>