Need to make decisions based on remote learning at Rutgers

My youngest is planning on going to RBS in the fall. He’s a decent student, wgpa 3.8, honors and 4 AP classes, but he doesn’t do well with virtual learning (hasn’t set foot in a classroom in over a year). Honestly, he’s lazy, is one to get by doing the least amount of work possible. Right now he is always late in turning in work and taking quizzes and tests. I’m hearing that registration is open for current students, and most classes are still online. My other kids are much more type A, give everything 110%, and they were even surprised at how much harder college was than high school, and how much independent work is required. I’m at a loss at what to do for next year. Pay full tuition/room and board and pray? Send him to CC? Have him take a gap year? Oh, and we’ve asked him numerous times, he just shuts his shoulders. He can attend Montclair state and live home for a fraction of the cost, go to Stockton for $10,000 less a year, but I don’t even know if these schools will be in person. I thought about a gap year, but many move off campus sophomore year at Rutgers, and he’s definitely the least social of my kids. Any suggestions?

It’s hard to predict the future but the official message from Rutgers is that “For Fall 2021, the large majority of course sections will offer in-person instruction.”

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I know, but students who are currently registering for classes are claiming they are mostly online. My daughter is at the university of Delaware, and they claimed there would be a lot more in person classes in the spring, and that didn’t happen.