Need to resubmit CSS profile

<p>I filled out CSS in 2011 and updated it at the end of January 2012 after I received my parents 2011 tax returns. However, my response for one of the questions (Have the student's parent(s) completed an income tax return for the 2011 tax year?) was "Will file, but have not completed an income tax return." I did not see an option to change my response and I did not notice this mistake until AFTER I submitted it to CMU. Everything else is accurate.</p>

<p>I emailed CMU about this and they told me to submit a new CSS profile, but I don't think Collegeboard allows you to send a new profile after pressing the submit button. I tried making a new account but Collegeboard recognized my social security number and told me I already had an account registered.</p>

<p>The response from CMU when I emailed them:</p>

<p>"You can make changes to your CSS profile two different ways.</p>

<p>The preferred method to change your CSS profile is to submit a new CSS profile online. This will replace your older incorrect profile and will not delay your financial aid package.</p>

<p>If you would rather not pay to re-submit the CSS profile, you may also print out a copy of the CSS profile, make changes in pen, and sign the paper. Make sure the page has the student's full name, address, and Application ID clearly marked on it. You may then fax this copy to 412-268-7838 or mail it to:</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon University Office of Admissions
Warner Hall
5000 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15215</p>

<p>Note that this second option will cause your financial aid package to be substantially delayed, and it is not guaranteed that you will receive it before the May 1st deposit deadline."</p>

<p>Dear Irbenson,</p>

<p>You have just confused me. Please read on.</p>

<p>We filed the CSS Profile in October to all EA and RD schools in order to meet the deadlines for EA schools. We wanted to do it once and get it over with and the first RD school we contacted said, sure, send it early. Of course we used an estimate for the income for the year ending 12.31.11. We are not planning on resubmitting the CSS Profile to correct for items that were clearly estimates (income) at the time we filed it. The CSS profile contained actual numbers for assets etc. as of the date we filed it.</p>

<p>We submitted the FAFSA to all schools last week. One income number was an estimate. We will be submitting a final FAFSA this month. When we submit the FINAL FAFSA that agrees with our tax returns the school will then have the actual 2011 income numbers.</p>

<p>We attended a sleeping bag weekend forum at CM. One of the representatives speaking said that the CSS Profile is used to look and evaluate the ASSETS. Not sure why they are making submit you submit another CSS Profile to correct income estimates. I hope there is no charge for this. When they get your FAFSA and your IDOC materials they should be able to pull the actual income numbers off of that. But this is just my thought and I don't work for the school.</p>

<p>I guess that you need to do what the CM folks are telling you. Good luck.</p>

<p>What did you find out?</p>