Need Urgent Help

<p>Hi guys, i am need of urgent help. I have the CB book with the 8 practice tests and the Kaplan book with the 12 practice tests. I have take 5 of the CB practice tests and 6 of the Kaplan's and on all of them, my score was in the 2100s. I am getting 0-3 wrong on math, 2-5 wrong on writing, and 10-12 wrong on verbal. I am happy with math and writing, but my critical reading score is staying between 650 and 670. I want to raise it to up to at least a 700, but no matter how many practice tests I take, I end up getting 10-12 wrong each time (4-6 vocab and 6-8 critical reading). I only have a week left before school starts and I wont have much time during school to study so i need advice on what to do. Should I continue taking practice tests or do something else?</p>

<p>Rework all of the CR and circle the "key words" so you know how you got a problem correct. Then move onto the ones you missed. CR is all about circling the keywords and eliminating the close answer. Doing more at the level you currently find yourself will help very little. Get a plan for recognizing Key Words and then move on. Good Luck.</p>

<p>Offer to tutor a student in English at school. You'll learn the vocab and grammar more efficiently this way.</p>

<p>thanks guys. i just took 3 more kaplan tests and got 8 wrong on the first, and 6 wrong on the last two tests for critical reading. I am up to the amount wrong I want. Is getting 6 wrong on the kaplan critical reading mean that I can get 6 or less wrong on the actual SAT? In other words, is the CR section in Kaplan similar to the actual SAT CR?</p>

<p>I'm also using Kaplan's 12 practice tests book. I think overall, it is easier than the real ones but any kind of practice is good!</p>

<p>Also, when you get to the last 2-3 tests... be careful when you're checking your answers for them because a LOT of them are wrong. Double check the answers in the explanation section, not just the single page with all the answers. Sorry if that's confusing!</p>

<p>thanks a lot for the advice because my next test is going to test 10 so I will keep that in mind. i also have two cb tests left so I will try them afterwards and see if I can still get 6 wrong on CR.</p>