Need URGENT reply - GT In State vs USC Trustee (full-tuition) vs Penn Wharton

Hey guys,

I have to make my decision in a few days and I’m still really confused. I am really thankful to have these choices. Although Wharton is significantly more expensive (got no finaid), my family is capable and willing to pay although it will be a financial stretch.

Although I am interested in computer science, I am going to keep an open mind as I enter college. I am also interested in eventually moving into management.

I visited all campuses and really liked them all and could picture myself as a student at all. However, I probably liked the USC campus, location, and climate the most. The main benefit of going to Georgia Tech is that I would have a lot of credits coming in since I dual enrolled there my senior year of high school. The Wharton curriculum seems really interesting and I have a brother that goes to Penn which really encourages me to go there as well. However, I’m not sure if it is worth it to go to Wharton when I have these other options.

I’d love to hear what you all think.

Wow. What a hard choice. And congrats.

Depends on you. Are you a techie first and think maybe finance?

If you want to be tech first and business second, GT all day at instate value

If you want to move to the finance side of the house as the primary goal, if Penn is doable without really significant debt or financial harm, that is the best opportunity.

however since you like usc the best and it’s clearly the best value. I would be inclined to say to head to sunny California. There’s a tech scene out there and usc is plugged in. Biz school is top notch too.

Good luck and don’t stress. You can only choose one and it will all be fine. You will determine your success in life, not the school.

At this level of excellence it should be a fit and affordability. If Wharton easily doable and you like it too, that wouldn’t be too shabby! If you’re a real tech lover. Go to GT but it is known to be a grind. But you might love that environment. Up to you.

USC sounds like the best fit AND the best value (price+major). So I vote for USC.
Congratulations !

Should be between USC and Wharton. Why do you care if you have credits for GTech when USC is already tuition-free?
Unlike GTech, USC at least gives you a shot at the prestige industries (IB and MC).

I personally would pick USC. You could go to USC and then pick up an M7 MBA if you want to for the price of Wharton undergrad. And Trojans have an intensely loyal alumni network.

What school at USC?

Hi everyone! Thanks for the responses.


I am honestly not sure of my career interests at all. I’m finding it really difficult to say what field I really want to go into. I think GT might not be the best option if I eventually find out I don’t want to do engineering. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


That makes a lot of sense. I’m planning to do a double major between Viterbi and Dornsife (CS and Quantitative Biology) but I might switch to the CSBA program between Viterbi and Marshall. And like you said it might not be the worth the investment in Wharton for undergrad since I can potentially get an MBA at Wharton.

@neon57 What is the total cost for each school? I have a feeling GT is really low and that plus the credits means the cost could be below $40k for a diploma.


At USC and GT I’d be paying for only house and board (~15k per year). However, I could graduate early from GT if I wanted to (possibly in 2.5 years). However, graduating early isn’t something I really want to do.

At Wharton, I’d be paying the full sticker price.

'SC for room & board is the easy choice, unless you are a IB wannabe, then Wharton has a certain connection…

@neon57 Go to USC for the campus & climate plus affordability for you

Even for IB, USC is, while not a target, a semi-target, placing a few kids in to IB each year.

USC- best all the way around for your $$. You get a fantastic education at an affordable rate! Congrats. Let us know what you decide!

USC has become Ivy-difficult in recent years, and someone on this board has a daughter who turned down Princeton for USC. Thus, I wouldn’t consider Penn just because of its Ivy League status. Penn knows that families like yours will do whatever it takes (including paying a fortune) in order to get that Ivy League pedigree. USC knows this. This is why SC is offering you such a generous scholarship. They are hoping that its combination of prestige and price will lure you away from “better” acceptances.

That said, you mentioned that your family can afford Penn, so that might change things. If a family can afford full tuition, that’s one great situation to be in, one that most students don’t have as an option. It sounds like you want to go away and want a four-year experience. Perhaps SC offers what you are most looking for? Just make sure that you are familiar with USC and the SoCal/city-LA culture.

@Hapworth : Why should OP care about what the daughter of “someone on this board” did? What do you mean by asserting that USC has become “Ivy-difficult” and is that based on any facts?

Did you get into CS at GaTech? Have you looked over the thread program there to understand how you can study biology and CS? Look at the modeling thread here for GaTech, if you got into CS

I would go to Gatech for CS and quantitative biology, its the top program on your list, if thats what you want to study.
GaTech CS is amazing, for computer modeling and bioinformatics if thats your interest. Because GaTech collaborates with Emory University medical school and has the best bioinformatics program.

Because you are ahead, you can start the masters degree in bioinformatics as an undergrad, you could
get a masters in bioinformatics, if thats your goal. Or later a PhD.

@neon57: Reread the thread you started on 4/20/19. In that thread you wrote that as a dual enrolled student, you have been taking all of your classes at Ga Tech this year. You also noted that you could finish a double major in math & CS plus a masters in 3 years. If accurate, then Georgia Tech should be given strong consideration as should USC.

Full pay at Columbia & at Penn-Wharton are not as attractive as your other two options.