Need Your Advice

<p>I've already taken the new SATs (2240: 720M, 800CR, 720W) and I want to take it again because I know I can improve my writing score. However, I've already taken the old SATs two times, which means that the next time I plan to take the SATs (June) will be my fourth time taking that test. Will colleges count this as my fourth time taking the SATs or my second time? </p>

<p>Also, I'm a junior and I've never studied for the ACT before and my mom all of a sudden wants me to take the test (she says my SAT score right now is too low). She thinks I'll get a 36 if I take a Sylvan course, but I don't think I can pull that off since I only have a month to prepare for that test. </p>

<p>I think it's too late to start preparing for a whole new test and I'd like to just focus on the SAT. I've tried to reason with my mom but she won't hear me out. So can you help me out?</p>

<p>My <em>guess</em> would be that schools won't worry too much about your old SAT scores. I wouldn't worry about taking the SAT again. Do it if you want, though your score is quite good now, and few schools will be using the Writing score for the next couple of years since it's so new.</p>

<p>As for the ACT, you've probably learned almost all the material you'll need for the test. For the most part, you need to get familiar with the format and see how you handle the science section. If you're really against taking it, then don't. But, if you want to give it a shot, download the free practice test, take that and see how you do. You might really like the ACT. Also, if you decide to take the ACT, don't send your scores to ANY schools until you see how you did. Only send the scores if they'll help you.</p>

<p>What about your old SAT scores? I think they choose whichever the highest.</p>

<p>My old SAT scores are - first time, 710M and 660V and my second time was 690M and 680V. </p>

<p>PeteSAT, I also don't think that colleges will count my old SAT I scores in admissions decisions and will only look at new SAT scores. I think it's fine to take the new SATs again and that this "fourth" time taking the SATs won't be a big deal. My mother, however, says that colleges won't count any of my SAT scores if I take it again for the "fourth" time, even though it's only my second time w/ the new SATs.</p>

<p>More imput? Please reply, because hopefully my mother sees this and will know that it is NOT a big deal for me to retake the SAT (old and new) for the fourth time.</p>

<p>Some colleges will look at the old ones and the new ones.</p>

<p>Taking them again should be fine since it's the new test.</p>