% needed to enroll in physics 7b?

<p>Well, today went good and bad... I pass the chem placement, but I got a 71% on the physics placement which is only good enough for 7A it seems. Does anyone know the % needed to qualify for 7B?</p>

<p>the info they gave is so ambiguous. how do you find out what percentage you got on the test?</p>

<p>They tell you online. When you get your placement result, the class will be a link, just click there and it'll give you a score report and a breakdown of what you've done.</p>

<p>I just retook the test again today, it was the exact same form! Got 81% this time, which allowed me to pass (Enroll in 7B), so i'm guessing the passing percentage is either 75 or 80%.</p>