Needing some help with finding a college

Hello everyone. After years after high school and not knowing what I’ve wanted to do till now I’m stuck at what college I should choose. I know I want to do full online courses. I plan on working part time while going to school for Computer Engineering. The reason I plan to do online classes is because I don’t want to go to work and then go to classes and miss spending time at home with my daughter. I was curious as to what is a great accredited online college with a decent tuition cost. I plan to fill out a FASFA and get some grants as I am a single dad but I assumed I would need to know what college I’m going to first obviously.

Any suggestions or thoughts on what I should be looking for when deciding on a college would be much appreciated.

Penn State World Campus has an undergrad IST and Software engineering degrees. Same rate instate versus out of state. Always in top ten of US News and World report.