negotiate room and board ?

<p>My daughter is a freshmen at Simmons college in Boston. She is finishing up her 1st semester and has bin placed in very small dorm with 2 other girls. I have been told that I may be able to negotiate the residence fees (Room & Board) with the school. I called the school this morning and talked to someone in the residence office, she put me on hold for a while, came back and told me it was a flat fee. Her superviser was out, but i got her name and will call back.</p>

<p>I feel they are charging the same for students with 2 to a room, shouldn't I get some cosideration on cost for 3 to a room ?</p>

<p>Has anyone ever tried to negotiate this type of cost ?</p>

<p>My room and board is $4910.00 a semester ! ! !</p>



<p>That is about the going rate in Boston for room and board. At DS's school the same price is charged for a triple and a double. There is NO negotiation on room and board.</p>