Negotiating Financial Aid (this late?)

<p>Is it possible to negotiate financial aid this late, especially when I know how unresponsive Rice financial aid office is? I just got a better offer from a waitlisted peer college and am in a dilemma because I've grown too attached to Rice over the months to just replace it :[</p>

<p>The only thing you can do is try. Give them a call and see! We never found the financial aid office unresponsive, just super busy at certain times of year. Good luck with your quest, but if the difference in cost isn't too much, go with your heart! :)</p>

<p>thanks anxiousmom. Your posts are always helpful and encouraging!
I have tried, and failed. Haha... I am hoping negotiating in person during O-week might work a little better for I have decided "to go with my heart" although the cost difference was indeed great. :/ (I was offered double the amount elsewhere)
I hope Rice's generous AP credit policy and its consequent speedy graduation will balance out this discrepancy in the end. I just wish I don't regret my decision! :[</p>