neighborhood around the college? / International relations?

<p>i know it's stereotypical to think that the neighborhood is unsafe, since it's in the Bronx, but i was just curious if that's merely a misconception or do students really have to watch out?
annnd i'm interested in international relations, i know it's not one of fordham's strengths or anything, but if anyone knows more about the program, do tell!
also, how diverse is it there? are there lots of international students?
and is it more strict considering that it is a religious school? </p>

<p>sorry for asking so many questions, sorta just came off the top of my head.</p>

<p>Just don't walk alone and you should be fine.
I'm not sure how "diverse" it is because I only see people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.
It's just as strict as any other school.</p>

<p>ITS FINE. I wouldnt walk "alone" just about ANYWHERE, if I were female and it was at night. That includes UVa, Georgetown, BC, Notre Dame, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, Columbia, NYU, Emory, Vanderbilt, USC, UCLA, Berkeley, Oregon, Michigan, Michigan State. On and on.</p>

<p>Fordham kids go out in GROUPS to the city and to Arthur Ave. Fordham is an EXTREMELY safe campus. </p>

<p>Fordham has a highly respected Political Science Department and a very rigorous major called International Political Economy which combines Economics, Politics and IR. It has area major studies as well, including a rare Irish Studies Major. But includes Middle Eastern Studies, Russian Studies, Chinese Studies. It offers Arabic, Russian, Chinese (mandarin), French, Spanish, German, Italian languages. Fordham's reputation academically is indeed very strong.</p>

<p>Its also a fairly diverse school and is working hard to improve that. Its diverse from a socio economic, geographic and racial point of view. 60% of Fordham students are Roman Catholic. 40% are non-Catholic and include Jewish, Protestant and Muslim Students, as well as agnostics. </p>

<p>Its a Jesuit College and they emphasize a philosophical approach to things. Theology is required in the core requirements but I believe its only two classes and there are many choices including Comparative Religions. Jesuits (nor Fordham) do not proselytize and "force" anything. They are essentially introductory courses and just come open minded and willing to study and learn. Fordham students dont force anything on anyone. Not their style. But there is a beautiful church on campus and they offer beautiful masses for students as well as the New York community. Frankly, I believe that Theology is a very interesting topic. Fordham is also known for its highly acclaimed North American Catholic studies. </p>

<p>The question I have and will pose to Mr. Farrell is how has its endowment weathered the economic storm? I just am curious.</p>

<p>lol that is a funny question because i consider it safe but some kids (those who go to bars off campus at 2 am and decide to come back walking all drunk holding their blackberry) would not. But I guess the question is, Will you walk alone at 2 am drunk by your self holding a blackberry?</p>

<p>Enough of these questions about the campus, for heavens sake there is security everywhere sometimes places you wouldnt want them to be.
(by the way im not trying to sound rude)</p>

<p>To quickly reiterate what those above have said about safety, the area's really not bad. If you go out at night, make sure you're with your friends, but during the day I've never felt at all unsafe walking alone on Arthur Ave or Fordham Road. </p>

<p>Fordham's pretty diverse--there are students from all sorts of different backgrounds here. My roommate is an international student--from India--and she's really enjoying her experience here. </p>

<p>In some ways, Fordham is stricter, and it's certainly good to know this if you're seriously considering Fordham. The two main ways that it's stricter that I've encountered are that you can't have an overnight guest of the opposite sex, and you can't post fliers that haven't been approved around campus. The first restriction is a bit of a hassle if you want a friend of the opposite sex to visit, but it's pretty easy to get around (just have someone in your building who's the opposite sex sign your friend in). The second is pretty annoying, but there's a board in the student center where students can post whatever they want.</p>

<p>That being said, Fordham's pretty liberal as far as religious schools go--those are really the only restrictions that affect students' lives, and both are easy to get around. We have a PRIDE alliance, several clubs and organizations devoted to other religions, and we stage the Vagina Monologues every year; the Jesuit tradition is by no means oppressive!</p>

<p>And for those of a conservative nature, its the most conservative among the Big Apple's Big THREE: NYU, COLUMBIA, FORDHAM. Wink ;-></p>