<p>My son is interested in looking at Trinity, but the things I hear about Hartford scare me. Anyone know if the neighborhood is really as bad as I hear?</p>

<p>What have you heard?</p>

<p>Well, I remember reading a few years ago that Hartford was having major problems with gangs. A few people have also mentioned that Trinity is a great school but the neighborhood is a little scary. All that was a few years ago, though, I didn't know if things had changed.</p>

<p>Well that's what I have heard too. But I haven't found it a problem here as a student. As long as you don't venture out into the neighbourhood alone at night (or even the day in some streets), it shouldn't be a problem.
Inside campus walls, I feel secure enough and have walked alone at 2 or 3 in the morning.
btw.. trinity just beat colby 27-10! :D</p>

<p>i come from los angeles, and the situation is the same - there are certain places you don't venture to at certain times when you're alone. every campus safety email we've received regarding an incident unanimously included the following circumstances:</p>

<li>The recipients of woe were drunk</li>
<li>it was past 2:00 a.m.</li>
<li>Less than two people; in other words, alone.</li>

<p>I've been out in hartford quite a bit, and the only rules really are</p>

<li>don't be drunk</li>
<li>don't pester or taunt locals </li>
<li>don't be out past 1:00</li>
<li>don't be alone.</li>

<p>honestly, the same rules go for hartford that go for any major city, especially with such close proximity to downtown. my friends and I are actually organizing a trinity-hartford block party near campus to strengthen relations between the school and the local community. the surrounding neighborhood is very poor, true, but aside from emails i haven't heard of anything happening to anyone...several of my friends at USC have been mugged already.</p>

<p>The neighborhood around Trinity doesn't have the gang problems it had 5 or 6 years ago to be sure. Much of it is knowing where is a good neighborhood and where is not. And in a city as small as Hartford that can vary by as little as a block (e.g. Washington Street is much safer than Broad Street one block to the west). The rules that Ginger gave are pretty accurate except that I would add that downtown Hartford is pretty much as safe as any other downtown area on average. </p>

<p>P.S. Ginger, I'm really interested in hearing more about this trinity-hartford block party - would you get in touch with me at <a href=""></a> and tell me more, thanks.</p>

<p>its a lot better now really.. violence was there.. but that was a few years ago.. i wouldn say its the safest place ard.. but it isn as bad as it's told.. and well u are in new england... who wants to step out in the chill at 1:00 am in the mornin anyways.. i freeze enough durin the day time to account for it...</p>