Nervous about ACT Exam

This year I take the ACT, and I’m nervous about the exam. I don’t want to do poorly on it. I am hoping I get a good grade on this exam, so I was wondering if the ACT is difficult? What questions will be on the exam? As well as how can I prepare myself for the exam?

Difficulty is subjective. You can find free official practice exams and questions here:

This website provides you with an overview of the ACT:

Thank you!

I’m guessing you’ve already taken the test. But for anyone out there who is still nervous, don’t be. The exam is not invincible. You just need to practice and improve one section at a time and then finally all at once. Start with English as it has the highest potential for improvement usually. For this, I’d recommend getting some practice on this free online resource with concept based questions and video explanations that are quite helpful. A few hours a day will really pick your score up. It’s called