Nervous as all Heck

<p>I finished my first three years of high school with a 3.9 Unweighted GPA and 1200 SAT, 30 ACT. I also took nearly every honors/AP course I could. I have many Extracurrics, though not as many as others, and I've also started a community service club at school that will eventually spawn into a non-profit state organization. I know Penn is superselective (I do not base selectivity on the label of "Ivy" alone) however I also know that they are not a "read at face value" admission school. I know I still have a chance. Though my scores are low and I'm not a 4.3223536342623 student, how much of a chance would I have, does anyone know? And if I don't get acceptance, how much of a chance do transfer students have and what's the earliest I can transfer?</p>

<p>you obviously have a good chance at admission to penn. your grades are great, with tough classes and you have some unique ec's that will help your case. i know a lot of people on here might say that your scores will kill you but i disagree. if you pull up last years string of messages from right after ED decisions, a lot of people with 4+ gpa and 1400+ sat got defferred/rejected and several people much lower than that were in. as you said, not everything is at face value. thats my 2 cents</p>



<p>where can i find last year's posts?? i'm very curious to see last year's acceptances</p>

<p>Thank you, that really helped my nerves. I'm not too worried about it though anymore, because I am starting to think it would be better to make the college transition at a smaller, less competitive school and then work my way up to Penn. But I'm still gonna apply just to see if I have what it takes. :)</p>

<p>cat, im not sure exactly how to find them, i just remember reading through them when the link was posted on here a few weeks ago. ill post it if i find it</p>

<p>go to the main CC screen (where ALL of the forums are listed)....scroll to the very bottom and click on "Archives"'ll recognize the old boardi f you've been there before. Find Penn and scroll oto the very last Penn topic, which will be "2002-2004 Archives". The Official Penn Decision thread is on the first's quite a shocking thread to read all of the near-perfect stats and see them get rejected over and over again.</p>


<p>i read some of the "post your penn decision here" posts, and people got pretty nasty. you can tell how upset/excited the posters are.. it's scary that that'll be us (or our children, in your case) in less than a month</p>

<p>yea. i'll attach the link for anyone who is blind, like me, and can't find the link (it literally took me like five minutes). i find it interesting that a lot of the acceptees didn't have the highest scores. that's what i like about penn. the ppl who are there are not the ppl who knew they would get in because they did well on standardized tests. they are the ppl who really really want to be at penn and who will better the campus in their own way. all the pretensious ppl with high scores go to those other schools like, dare i say, princeton, harvard, and yale. GO PENN!!</p>

<p>The archived Penn Decision thread definitely proves:</p>

<li><p>Nobody can predict your chances. The Penn decisions seem more random than most other top schools.</p></li>
<li><p>You can't really be mad at Penn for not taking you since you don't know what criteria they used in the first place. </p></li>
<li><p>You have to accept, going into this, that you're simply cashing in your lottery ticket for a chance to win. All of your hard work has qualified you for the ticket (a chance to play). The rest is all up to the stars.</p></li>

<p>I think everyone's entitled to feel very upset about a denial or deferral at their ED school.....and I'm sure everyone will vent if the outcome isn't what they want. The line is crossed when students make others feel badly about being accepted or rejected. Remember the athlete on the archive board who had pretty bad stats and was laughing that he got in over the much more qualified applicants? Then again, some of those posters are bogus anyway....just trying to stir up trouble. </p>

<p>I think it's helpful to note that most deferred/rejected students said they felt better in a couple of days. </p>

<p>Are you all going to have your other apps completed before Dec 10? Or, are you too superstitious (or simply not in the mood for more apps right now)?</p>

<p>i SHOULD be doing other apps....and i have been planning to, but i cant do them....first of all, im lazy....second of all, i just cant do the other apps for other school requires us to submit all apps about 2-4 weeks before deadline...that means nov 30 is my deadline - not have 2 four-day model UNs coming up and a vacation to Mexico....there is no way any of this stuff is getting done....o well</p>

<p>How about the Common App dostoyevsky? Maybe you should at least finish the Common app and a couple of "Why XXXXXX" supplementals so that you have something to fall back on. If you've worked hard enough to think that you've got a shot at Penn, why waste all that work because you're feeling too lazy to complete a common app and a couple of "Why XXXXXX" essays? If you don't get into Penn, you're going to kick yourself if you have to rush through other apps over winter break. When are you going to Mexico?</p>

<p>sorry. i forgot to post that link! <a href=""&gt;;/a> after that, get to penn, go to archives and then "post penn decisions here".</p>

<p>mom-- im soo lazy, whether or not a school accepted the common app was a criterion for my short list. my school too, requires that we have our apps in early... MONDAY is the deadline. i think im just going to turn in a copy of my common and then fill out any supplemental forms after the 10th. (ojala i wont have to!!)</p>

<p>that's a plan Dred.....</p>

<p>And wouldn't it feel good to not need that common app after all? </p>

<p>What are you all doing about 1Q grades? Will your school send them to Penn? How did you do?</p>

<p>I have A's and im struggling to keep a low B in BC Calc (im not sure if the material is too hard or if senioritis is just kicking me even harder). I don't think my school will send those scores tho.</p>

<p>momsdream - i did start the commonapp a while i have that to my, i already did on-campus interviews with yale and harvard - so i know a lot about each school (writing the why *** essays for them will not be too hard) 1Q grades are pretty good....mostly high As, a B in French, and a B in English....i am pretty sure i will send them, because i have about 6 APs, and 4 As and 2 Bs look pretty good IMO....</p>

<p>To dredhead - I think you're right. That's what I'm hoping will happen to me, anyway. They'll see that I have low whatevers then they'll look at my high whatevers and still consider me.
About the applications thing; I have seven different schools to apply to, four of them use the common app excusively. I STRONGLY SUGGEST filling it out online, because one, you can print it and mail it and it's craploads easier, and two, it's quick and painless and all you have to worry about offline are supplements, which can ALSO be found online most of the time.
Well, what do you guys think about this: and I hate doing this because I'm very self-esteem-less and hate seeming pompous, but for the sake of the conversation, do you think 5 ap courses, and only a B in one of them is okay for the first marking period? That's what they'll be sending to Penn..
Something else; what about the NHS (National Honors Society)? I didn't get in (though it was because of an obstinate teacher that had it out for me) and I don't hav that leverage now. How much do you think that'll affect me?</p>