Nervous Average Student..chance me please?

<li>first to go to college in my family
-speak almost 3 languages (polish and English fluently, and taking AP Spanish)
-2 AP's ( Spanish and Environmental Science) and an honors English course
-have 3 jobs ( construction worker, hockey referee and coach,
-over 36 hours of community service</li>
<li>parents are immigrants, never went to college
-3.1-3.2 gpa, one of the best public high schools in my state</li>
<li>really bad sat score, 1550. but im taking it again in june and again in october.
-also probably joining a club next year as a senior.
-also a great essay about how my experience in europe has effected me and given me an advantage over other students.
-3 years varsity hockey, 1 year jv, U-18 Soccer, season of track
-first language- polish.</li>

<p>my college of interest: University of Vermont, Saint Michaels College, Loyola MD, Syracuse, Bryant University, UCONN, UNH</p>

<p>really interested in animals, environment, sports, so i would like to major in something like zoology/environmental science, sports management, or go for being a cop/ secret service</p>

<p>thanks for the me your link so I can chance you!</p>

<p>ok, ill be blunt- your application stinks (mainly cause of that SAT score.). but if ur not planning on going to a 'good' college it's fine</p>

<p>^above person is being a bit obnoxious.</p>

<p>You correctly identify yourself as an "average" applicant (not average for CC, but average compared to your peers across the nation). What state do you live in?</p>

<p>It be a Match</p>

<p>I Live in CT</p>