Nervous wreck! Please chance my daughter

<p>OOS. sat 1380/2110
Lots of AP's very rigorous curriculum
Ranked 10/103 in private school
ACT 31
GPA 3.82UW 4.26 UF weighed
Good EC's
Accepted at UCF honors & FSU honors & UM with scholarship.
BUT I'm aware UF caps OOS.
This is her first choice and we are a nervous wreck!!!</p>

<p>Well, those are very close to my stats. I got in as an instate applicant.</p>

<p>I think she has a good chance OOS, too. Honeslty, I feel like OOS admissions are harder to chance because we know less about them, but I definitely think she is a good applicant.</p>

<p>Thanks! It's killing us because she qualifies to be invited to apply to Honors but yet may not be accepted at all. I don't know how we will sleep tonight.</p>

<p>allow me to suggest drugs</p>

<p>Last year they accepted 1.6% from OOS. So, out of 11,243 total accepted, approximately 180 were from OOS. That also includes recruited athletes. It's extremely hard to get in from OOS. Not trying to bring you down... Just be prepared and have a backup plan.</p>

<p>Alot of people are not aware that UF caps out of state students at a very low percentage, so it is acually harder for OOS to get into UF. It's usually about %3 or less of admitted applicants.
Also the thing with UF and alot of colleges nowadays is that your daughters stats are good and highly qualified for UF, so in theory yes she should get in and deserves to get in, but the problem is that there is a large applicant pool of students who have the same or better stats. It's sad, but college admissions has really made it so that it comes down to non-merit based stuff, essays, minorities, hooks, etc.</p>

<p>Maybe, OOS is a crapshoot.</p>

<p>UM is ranked higher than UF currently.</p>

<p>Being OOS is her only downfall! Otherwise, she is a shoo-in! I am anxiously awaiting UF's decision as well! I am in-state, though. 6PM is not coming fast enough! Haha.</p>

<p>Thanks for everyone's input, although I really don't feel any less stressed. My daughter is also in the top 10% of her class. Also:
AP scholar
National Merit Commended
National Hispanic Scholar</p>

<p>Anyone know how many OOS actually apply?</p>

<p>UF is her first choice and it's hard to believe she may not get in when she has been accepted to all 8 other universities she applied to & all offered her scholarship</p>

<p>Floridabound - you should be extremely proud of your daughter - she sounds like an exceptional student. Yes - she should get in at UF but as you know OOS is capped at 3% - she could very well be in the 3% !! :)</p>

<p>Don't despair and good luck!!! I am instate and also counting down the minutes until 6:00!!! Just need this waiting to be over!!</p>

<p>See post on thread "OOS applicants". UF does not publish a breakdown of the numbers for OOS. Last year with 11,243 admits about 180 were OOS. About 1.6%. As to 2012, whether they will admit more OOS students up to the 3% cap is unknown. There are about 33,000 applicants and it is anticipated there will be about 11,000 accepted students covering Fall, Summer B and Spring. An acceptance rate of 33% Many OOS students who apply are competitive for top 20 schools and Ivy's. How the admission committee sorts through all the great applicants and devines the small number to be accepted must be very difficult. Good luck.</p>

<p>Thanks all for your input....she got ACCEPTED!!!</p>

<p>Congrats!!!! I did as well!!!!! :D</p>