NESCAC Football Recruiting

Can anyone share their experiences with NESCAC or top tier academic football recruiting? My son was invited to a bunch of Junior Day zoom calls for some NESCACs, Chicago and W&L, but there were a ton of kids on the calls - upwards 150. What happens from here? Can anyone share their experience. Is the next step an academic screen at the end of Junior year?

You may want to ask @Ohiodad51. His son went Ivy, but he also was recruited by NESCACs.

No the biggest thing going forward is they will want him to attend a camp in person. The academic is simply a checklist that he meets the basic criteria to go farther in the process. Now the better the academics/testing the better it is for them but it will still come down to football talent.

Thanks! @Ohiodad51, any insight would be great!!!

Thanks. So if I am following, the next step is the academic screen in June and that will weed kids out. Then do they invite you to one of their are camps? Is that in the summer or Fall? Any insight would be great.

You can go onto teams pages and fill out a questionnaire for the academics. There should also be a place to attach film. Next check to see when/if they are doing camps. Typically June and July are the dates. The most important aspect is being at the camps to get seen in person. Camps are open to anyone but you have to pay for camp and travel.

We have already done all that and down that path with phone calls and emails from coaches expressing interest with invitations to the Junior day zoom meetings. We just did not know what happens after these junior days. I think it is the pre-read step where we formally submit transcript, test scores and senior class schedule.