NESCAC - recruiting TO

S has interest from a few NESCAC schools. 3.9 UW and in a rigorous IB program here in states. SAT and ACT have been cancelled on him a few times.

The two schools are TO.

Anyone have a kid admitted last year without test scores? He is a very good player who spent several years at MLS academy and is also had strong interest from D2 and Ivy. He really wants NESCAC for academics and D3 quality of life.


My 2021 was a recruited athlete and did not submit test scores - it was actually recommended that they did not even though they were within the school’s 50% range. Was admitted ED to NESCAC school.


Thanks for prompt response. He is super excited and we are going on visits with coaches later this month. Fingers crossed.


what schools & sport ?

Soccer. Rather not say the school names now as don’t want to jinx it!! But I will repost in early September after the visits.

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My son was being recruited by a NESCAC school. He was instructed by the coach not to submit his test score if he decided to commit.

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Others on the forum have gone over the bands used at NESCACs. I don’t know that a coach will or would tell your son what band he falls into at the particular school (mixed anecdotal data).

However, with the offer should be support with the admissions committee (explicit even perhaps). Likewise, the coach will indicate if he (ie the AC) wants to see board scores (even after a pre-read, which has typically already been done at this time of year).

This does depend on how well the coach is synced with the AC, and that usually correlates to length of tenure. Unless the coach is on the way out for whatever reason, not that you/we would really know. So the the best is to hope the coach can cite a strong record of getting his recruits in.

First thing first: your son getting the offer, and best of luck with that!