NESCAC swim recruiting for class of 2022

Are any of your swimmers being actively recruited by a NESCAC school? Coaches phone calls, zoom meetings, etc.

Or is it too early as the coaches are super busy with getting their swimmers back in the water?

Glad you posted. I have been wondering the same. Been fairly quiet from all D3 schools on the list even though kid’s times are competitive. Lots of friendly “thanks for the update, look forward to hearing more” email responses but no phone calls, meetings, etc.

Same here. Just reply to emails and keep us updated. But nothing else. Glad that we’re not the only ones :grinning:

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We’ve had a few phone calls with coaches from NESCAC schools but have been told that nothing will really happen before June.

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Thank you for posting! Good to know.

Does your swimmer have an ACT or SAT score that you shared with coaches? I am wondering if the no score yet could be a reason for lack of interest with my swimmer.

We submitted a HS profile, unofficial transcript and SAT scores from the fall. We have had a number of calls with NESCAC coaches

Thank you for your information! I really appreciate you and others posting their experiences as otherwise I feel like we are going through this process in a vacuum.

I am hoping the lack of score is the reason for no active recruiting as times are competitive. My swimmer has been trying to take an ACT for a year. Fingers crossed April’s test goes well.

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