Net Price Calculator?

<p>can someone explain to me how this works? I filled it out from collegeboard for 2 privates, Fairfield and Stonehill. We don't expect any need based add, but both schools came back with institutional grants of $13K and $12k respectively.</p>

<p>Sounds great, but my son's stats are average. For example, Fairfield site states 30% receive merit scholarships ranging from $7.8k to $21k. I don't see how a kid with average SATs for enrolled students(little below 50%) and 3.6 unweighted GPA would receive merit aid.</p>

<p>What am I missing?</p>

<p>I've tried a few NPCs and some are indicating merit awards as some kind of "given"...even without asking for stats!!!</p>

<p>*Fairfield site states 30% receive merit scholarships ranging from $7.8k to $21k. *</p>

<p>That suggests to me that this school gives some merit to those whose stats are in the top 30% of the school.</p>

<p>Test Scores Middle 50% of First-Year Students Percent Who Submitted Scores
SAT Critical Reading: 530 - 620 69%
SAT Math: 540 - 630 69%
SAT Writing: 540 - 630 69%
ACT Composite: 23 - 27 23%</p>

<p>So, I would imagine that the top 30% at Fairfield have ACTs (or SAT equivalent) of 27 or higher.</p>

<p>I am more cynical. I think the NPC, is used to entice kids to apply to the colleges. I put in our stats for a few schools, and was very surprised by aide calculated.</p>

<p>I am more cynical.</p>

<p>I am cynical with the "test results" that I've gotten with the NPCs at schools that don't meet need. It seems like the results are "best case scenario"...including merit scholarships without even asking for stats!! It's like some of these NPCs are assuming that each applicant has stats into the top 25% of the school.</p>

<p>It will be interesting to see the posts next Spring from people who used NPCs at schools that don't meet need and their actual results.</p>