Hi, I’m an international student who got accepted to both NEU Data Sci BS honor program and UIUC CS BS. I want to take my master degree in an AI or ML major somewhere in California. Which university would get me to a better university in my master degree (top 10 or something), assuming that I will get an honor roll grade in NEU and a normal average/good grade in UIUC? I have no financial problem with both.

Also, how hard is UIUC CS?

Thank you.

Congratulations on two great acceptances.

Didn’t both schools have a decision date of May 1? Or did you get an extension?

UIUC CS is probably in the top 5 CS programs in the US, so that would be my recommendation.

UIUC is always the best choice. The school is a heavy feeder to FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) and ranks significantly higher than NEU which will enable you to get into a better master’s degree program and a better job. Congrats!

I’d vote for UIUC. A CS degree give you more flexibility as well.