What is best to major in if I would like to eventually work for a company like cuberdyne on neuroprosthetics/HAL type stuff? I currently have the basic lower division stuff (math through diff e, physics, gen chem and bio) and need to choose where to go from here. I want to be more on the living side of the equation (neuroscience, what the body is doing) vs the robotics side. I would also like to have options open, the more variability the better, but still specific enough that I could dive into this field without needing a ton of other classes. I plan to go on to graduate study, hopefully doctorate program. Currently thinking of biomedical engineering with an emphasis in either biomechanics or bioelectricity, but wondering if I’ll need more neuroscience? Or will grad school fill those holes in? Any info is much appreciated! Major school I’m looking at is University of Utah for graduate study as they have a Neuroengineering PhD program.