Neuroscience major?

So ive applied for the neuroscience major for the colleges that I applied to. My goal was to become a neurosurgeon or a psycho pharmacist and I’m wondering if neuroscience was the right choice. If not what could I change my major to? And how will I be able to change it?

As to neurosurgeon- med schools require, in part, a bachelor’s degree in any major of a student’s choice. Med schools don’t care what major you pick. You could be an art history major and med schools wouldn’t care as long as you complete premed reqs. It’s usually best to pick a major that interests you because if you like material you’re more likely to do well GPA wise which is something med schools care, in part, a great deal about. If you really like neurosciences, go ahead, but do well GPA wise. If you think being a neuroscience major will impress med schools because it may be rigorous or may give you a head start, you’d be wrong. Rigor is not important to med schools, and anything you might learn will probably be long forgotten or obsolete by the time you get to med school and/or residency training. As a note to be a neurosurgeon, you’re looking at 4 years of college, 4 years of med school, 7 years of neurosurgery residency.

As to how change: once accepted, contact school about how to change.