<p>My daughter will be a senior this fall and is wanting to become a neurosurgeon. I am in desperate need of any info anyone can give us from what are the best schools to what major/minor she should take.</p>

<p>As an undergrad she can major in anything she wants, as long as she meets the prerequisites for Med school (the standard pre-med classes a year of physics, chemistry, biology, etc). Many students choose biology or chemistry as a major, but I also know of two humanities students starting med school next fall - so it's possible. In addition, she will need very good grades (as close to 4.0 as possible) and very high MCAT scores. Check out the premed threads - lots of great advice there.</p>

<p>Rhodes has a neuroscience major, and if she gave that whirl she'd have a much better idea of whether that's really a career she wants to pursue.</p>