Never heard of?

<p>I was talking to some girls in my class today. Let's call them L and K. Well L is a sophomore and K is a senior. We were playing this MASH game on the Itouch and in this version you put 3 colleges in one of the categories. Well it was the senior's turn and she was asking us for help so L told her to put NYU and K says, "NYU? I've never heard of that." Me and L were kinda shocked, but then again we're in Texas soooo.... idk. Anyways we asked her if she had heard of Rice University and she said nope. I was a little suprised so we just started naming other top schools and while she might have heard of a couple she had no idea where they were or anything else about them.</p>

<p>So I was a little suprised and was wondering what top schools your peers have "never heard of."</p>

<p>nobody here knows about any schools in the south</p>