Never Mind

Never mind. I was honestly looking for help, not snark.

What possible answer to this question could there be if you are applying for aid?

If the schools are not need blind, they will see that you don’t have much need. It is not like schools that grant need based aid put everyone who needs aid into one pile and those who don’t into another. If they are need aware, they care about how much you need.

Thanks, that’s very helpful.

The answer is yes…even if full pay.

If you submit fafsa…and css…at private schools…they’ll know when you send it.

Many schools show extreme generosity…like you can make $200k and they claim you can get a grant.

No one is eliminated by need aware bcuz of what they check on the box in common app. . And no one is eliminated from merit (which often is more for discount to be competitive price wise than really merit).

Your price point is certainly attainable at so many schools and depending on your students stats, it can be crushed !!!

@Izzy74 I wish you had not changed your title and opening question. You are absolutely not the only person to wonder how to approach this. :hugs:


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