Never took physics?

My top choice school (Wesleyan) says that 80% of their students completed Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in high school. I took Advanced Bio and Advanced Chem, but those were the only required sciences at my school, so for my last two science courses I just took what interested me–AP Environmental and AP Bio. I have nothing against physics; these two sciences just interested me more. Will this hurt my application?

20% of their students, following the numbers, did not complete Physics.

They are drawing a picture for you of what the pool of admitted students look like, not necessarily what they demand those students to be/have done/look like.

There are so many other aspects to the application and the admission decision, and the clear presence of a portion of the student body which enters having taken other courses which show their academic and intellectual capacity, that not having taken Physics would not be the determining factor in Wesleyan not saying ‘yes’ to you.

Good luck!