New admissions Website

Admissions launched an entirely new website

Hope you find the redesign really easy to navigate.


Good looking website. Very navigable.

  • Nice 20 point bump in SAT range to 1330-1470 and one point bump in ACT to 30-34 over 2020 results.
  • Average unweighted GPA was 3.88 so the 4.4-4.6 UW GPA must also be a bit higher too.

How many students are admitted into Gator Engineering at Santa Fe and State College of Florida in addition to direct into UF-Gainesville? My son is competitive to UF direct but with the increased stats and popularity, he’d take an alternative route if it was in person (ideally) and away from our home state of Texas.

Looks like application is out. Are short answers different than the past? It looks like there’s only one required short answer about most significant extracurricular activity?

Yes, that one is new for this year. we change them every so often.

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