New AGGIE Friendships are made, HERE !!!

<p>Hi all,
I'm currently a transfer student from Seattle Central Community College and will attend Texas A&M this fall majoring in Biology. I create this thread for all new AGGIE members to befriend and discuss everything about the new college life together (such as seeking for roommates, looking for friends with same interests, and all kinda stuff xD)</p>

<p>By this, I hope to find more friends and make good relationship before going to College Station this summer. I'm so nervous, but exhilarated and excited too.</p>

<p>If you're reading this and you're nervous, you're social, you're excited about your imminent college life at Texas A&M, reply and comment. I'd love to befriend with all of you :)</p>

<p>There is a facebook page that my son has joined, that is where you need to go to meet up with “new” Aggies!! The page is Aggie Class of 2016 and I think there are about 1100 members so far…about 1/10th of the new freshman class.</p>

<p>Some great info on there if you read in the threads. My daughter was able to get her Sports pass lined up because she saw it on the FB page!</p>


<p>I’m an out-of-state transfer student who will be attending A&M in the fall as well. I’m nervous too! It would definitely be nice to know a few people before moving out there. :slight_smile: When are you going to the New Student Conference?</p>