New Apple Watch! Looking For Your Best Tip/Feature

While my Fitbit Blaze has refused to die, I finally gave myself permission for a new girlfriend - my pale pink Apple watch!

I’m figuring things out. It’s so easy to just learn the basics and NOT figure out all the helpful/cool things it can do.

Share your favorite feature or tip since you’ve been an Apple watch owner. (I realize different models do different things)

The most used thing other than closing those stinking rings is the timer. I set the timer all the time.

It’s also nice to get texts without getting my phone out and being able to give a short answer.

I’m too lazy to pay when it’s super easy to use the Apple Pay on the phone. But I could. Maybe

I use mine mostly as an exercise watch that I can view texts on. I like the health app.

I don’t let email pop up. That’s just too much. I monitor my heart rate during the day. I also like the ability to give a short answer to a text.

@HighTide2020 I don’t do email either.

I need to “learn” what all the apps look like - the ones included by Apple.

I have actually never used Apple Pay!

Can you do a voice text as opposed to a typed text? We use the audio texts sometimes in our family.

I’ll be following this thread as I’m considering getting one myself. @abasket can I ask which one you bought? I was originally thinking about the Series 6 because I liked the blue case, but now I’m leaning toward silver, so might go with the SE since I’m not sure I need the ECG and blood oxygen sensor.

The ECG caught my husband’s atrial fib episode this summer so we think these are really valuable! His cardiologist also said they have value (I originally thought that feature was a gimmick)

I like to be able to see a text quick without picking up my phone. I like being able to see the map of my walk and my highest BPM etc over time.

I haven’t used too many apps but still love it. One time I accidentally left my phone in the car but was able to answer a call - that was fun LOL

I have the SE. I didn’t feel at this point the ECG and blood oxy sensor.

Other than that there is no difference between SE and the 6. About $120 difference through Costco.

I also ding my phone to see where I’ve put it now.

I love being able to look at a text when I’m driving and answer it with my voice instead of having to type (No, I don’t read it while I’m actually driving – I wait till I get to a stop sign or light).

I use the timer a lot when I’m cooking dinner.

I got a terrible deep scratch on the watch screen a few months ago but it will cost almost as much to replace the screen as it will to get a new watch. I’m trying to just live with it but it’s really noticeable and it bugs me every time I look at my watch. :disappointed: