New AP's at my school

<p>I am a high school junior. My high school used to only have one AP social studies class, AP Government, which they will only let you take as a senior. As a junior, I took honors American History, and as a sophomore, honors World History. Starting next year, however my school is offering AP American History and AP World History. I don't have a schedule opening to take either of these classes next year, but If I had taken them in the grad that they are suggested for, they would have fit perfectly into my schedule. Will colleges see that my schools offered AP’s that I didn’t take although I could have and hold that against me, or will they see that they weren’t offered in the years I would have taken them?</p>

<p>Your schoold report will probably list all APs and not mention when they were added to the curriculum. Maybe add a note to your application if you feel it is really needed</p>