New Article on Admissions

<p>from today's campus newspaper -- Binghamton</a> University Pipe Dream | Bing, other SUNYs see rise in applicants</p>

<p>also discusses how things are at some of the other sunys.</p>

<p>the following quote probably sums a lot of it up:</p>


“Overall, this is going to be a very difficult year to predict [for undergraduate admittance],” he said.


<p>Just because they are getting more applications doesn't necessarily mean they are all from very qualified students. There is an abundance of kids from my school applying to Bing with between 80 and 85 avg.</p>

<p>While the applications may be up, by the time May 1st (deposit time) rolls around the economy may have improved; ergo some applicants will end up in private school.</p>

<p>there has been a growing trend over the past years for binghamton to be getting more applications and to be accepting a lower percentage of them. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;br>
average sat scores and gpa's have been rising.
last spring without the economy being nearly as bad as it is now, yield soared. </p>

<p>there have always been people who apply thinking that just because its a suny, they have a shot at getting in even with well below average scores. but i really think its reasonable to believe that the increase in applications is made of largely of people with competitive credentials who may be more concerned this year about a financial safety than they might have in prior years. you are free to disagree. i know plenty of kids who a year or two ago thought binghamton was "beneath" them who are now hoping they get in this year.</p>

<p>to think that the increase in applications is made up largely of unqualified applicants or that there will be such a miraculous turnaround in few months that parents will be more willing to commit to footing a private college bill for 4 years than they are today, is, i think, just being over optimistic as to how things will end up being this year.</p>

<p>both in this article and in one i posted previously in another thread, people from the admissions office talk about admissions getting tougher this year. i can't imagine why people seem so ready to dismiss the import of that. i just hope everyone has safeties.</p>