New audition policy at CCPA

<p>My D is in the entering freshman class (MT-Voice) and they announced last week that all students will be allowed to audition for all shows. In the past, acting students were not allowed to audition for musicals and MT’s weren’t allowed to audition for straight plays. This made my D very happy as she loves both!</p>

<p>And they still have their policy of guaranteed on stage casting for every semester. We will be heading up there for the Freshman Showcase in September.</p>

<p>I just have to say, what a wonderful bunch of people they have at CCPA. From the kids handling move-in to the dorm, the admissions department, professors, voice and music teachers to the heads of the departments, everyone made us feel so welcome and that our D was going to be in good hands!</p>

<p>And it didn’t hurt that the weather in Chicago last weekend was perfect (75 and sunny)!</p>

<p>can you tell me about the area the school is in? Is it safe? Chicago has been on the news lately as having a high crime rate? Thx</p>

<p>The school is located in the loop with DePaul, the Art Institute, Columbia College and others. It is a relatively safe tourist-y area. It is across from Grant Park and looks out over Lake Michigan between the Aquarium/Field Museum and Navy Pier. The school however takes the security issue very seriously and talks to the kids about how to stay safe.</p>