New Bruins Rant

<p>Now that your'e in what are you guys most excited about?
I'm actually happy I don't have to leave L.A. applied to Michigan State, Clemson, and NC State since being rejected from Santa Barbara I honestly thought I was done for.</p>

<p>Well, in no particular order</p>

<li>Great medical school</li>
<li>Location (sun, surf, things to do)</li>
<li>I have family down there and friends in San Diego</li>
<li>UCLA is the total package kind of University and i feel fortunate to attend</li>

<p>When is orientation? Do we have to register our classes on this date?</p>

<p>It's on the New Bruins site.....I only glanced at everything in passing. I think there is a link off of the Admissions site under "Admitted Students"...a really nice timeline to follow is located there.....</p>

<p>thanks for the info michelle 'preciate it</p>

<p>Not a problem.....I spent a couple of hours perusing the different pages and I am delightfully This is awesome....</p>

<p>I could just about kiss all of you!</p>

<p>Oh congratulations on the financial aid that sounds really awesome.</p>