New campus filtered water fountain added to reduce plastic bottle waste bottle

<p>Rice</a> University | News & Media</p>

<p>Did I really write plastic bottle waste bottle? I guess I did ---
Anyway, this sounds like a great idea.</p>

<p>They have had these culligan reverse osmosis water units in the college for a few years now. They are similar to the ones you find in the supermarket. </p>

<p>Still, this + single stream recycling are good moves by Rice.</p>

<p>This is important too because of the quality of Houston's water supply which contains radioactive elements, such as uranium and radium.</p>

<p>I-Team:</a> Radiation in Houston?s tap water, long history of contamination | Houston</p>

<p>Many thanks for this info, m1817. I now better understand why bottled water is a necessity, and hope that this is just the first filtered water fountain on campus -- more to come!</p>