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Looking for a 2020 Compact SUV

Anyone recently research/purchase a new Subaru Forester, Volkswagon Tiguan, or Volvo XC40? I’d love to get your impressions and decision process.

We’re trying to decide between Forester and Honda CRV. We like the ride of the CRV, but the visibility in the Forester. No first hand experience of either (yet).

D2 bought a new forester last year and loves it. D1 still has my old 2006 CRV and it is still kicking. She likes that she can carry a lot in it for construction. D2 tried out a lot of alternatives. She like the driving feel of Subaru vs the Rav 4 which she said the gears shifted funny. She knows a lot of millennials with the Forester.

I do know a few people with the Honda HRV my age and love it. Think mountain driving and snow for my opinions.

I have a 2018 Honda HRV and I love it. It is very small, but I am usually the only one in it. I can easily fold down the back seats and fit a lot of stuff in it. It gets great gas mileage, too. It’s my first Honda and so far it has been great. I have had it 2-1/2 years and have only 13,000 miles on it. I basically go to work and back. If I drove longer distances, I might want a little bit bigger one that would have a smoother ride.

2 of my friends have purchased Foresters within the last several months. I know one thought she’d get a honda but would up loving the Subaru. She also tried the MAzda 5. I think she felt like the Subaru had more power.
I have an XC60 that I love. I drove an XC90 til after the kids left. If I needed a new car it would be between Volvo and Subaru. I debated with a Subaru when I got the XC60, but once I drove the XC60, I wanted it.
That Said, my husband loves his Hondas (he’s owned at least 4, but no SUVs). But even he really likes the drive and feel of the Volvo.

We are three generations of Volvo drivers. My parents have an XC60 and the last time they were at the dealership for service, they were given an XC40 as a loaner. IMHO, it is way too small. DH is driving an old V50 wagon and he has more cargo room in the back than the XC40 had.

Went through this a year ago:
Forester drove very stiff - wasn’t a big fan.
Tiguan was nice, but felt underpowered
Didn’t drive the X40, but I’ve driven the x60 and liked it
The Hyundai Tucson was my favorite.

I have a new Forester right now as a loaner. It’s a great car, peppy and comfy. That being said, I Like the Mazda CX-5 better. I also like the Volvo 40 and 60 SUVs.

I was in an accident two weeks ago and my Honda Odyssey was totaled, so I’m looking now too. We went to look at the Mazda CX-5 but also tried the CX-9 (and liked it much better). Still haven’t decided!


Thanks for all the inputs.

Looking particularly for safety features; they are all light years ahead of my 10 year old car. Scanning the reviews; thought I would end up with the Mazda CX5 until I sat in it and found no comfortable place for my left arm. Didn’t like the sense of porthole rear window in the CR-V, and I felt the center console was encroaching in the RAV-4.

My budget is flexible; it’s a matter of cost/benefit analysis. Within the top compact SUV picks of the IIHS and NHTSA safety ratings, I’m not sure the basic models of the Acura, BMW, Lexus or Mercedes are worth more than the top trim models of the Subaru, Volvo, VW.

I’m a big Volvo fan. Safety, comfort (best seats, IMO), lots of zip (Subarus seem like snails in comparison) plus I’m a fan of the styling.

I’ve had 2 Tiguans and loved them, but when my lease was up this spring, I went with the XC40. I didn’t like the newer Tiguan design as much, and the XC40 safety features, comfortable drive and interior, and more luxurious feel all around won out. As far as cargo space, it works for my needs, but ymmv. My mom has an xc60 and loves it as well. She definitely has more cargo space.

You haven’t listed it, but I adore my Rogue! My DH is 6 ft 5 in while I’m 5 ft 2 in. Both of us have no issues behind the wheel. It’s a decent sized Crossover/SUV but it drives like a sedan. I used to drive a Honda Mini-van but I like this far better!
It also has wonderful cargo space. Huge grocery shops are never an issue.
My one issue, and the only reason I’m looking to maybe upgrade, is the 2nd row foot space. At already 5ft 8in, my 12 yr old doesn’t have much growing left before he won’t be able to sit behind his dad. Which is fine when it’s just 2-3 of us. But if all 4 of us are going somewhere, someone is inevitably complaining.

I was going to suggest the Nissan Rogue too! We downsized from minivan to Rogue after both kids were in college. For me, it handles well, good acceleration, not “lumbering” like a minivan or some SUVs I’ve driven as rentals. Generally good visibility and plenty of cargo space. Nissan was offering good “sweeteners” when I got it, 0% financing and assorted rebates and pricing so it was $5000-7000 less than the Mazda, which I liked for its sporty handling but couldn’t justify the higher price just for a more “fun” car.

@ChaosParent23 , check out the Murano. It’s the Rogue’s big brother. I drive one and I really appreciate the extra space in the cargo area and back seat.

Since you’re already considering the Tiguan, if it were me, and my budget were flexible, then I’d buy the Porsche Macan. They share the same platform and I think the Macan not only looks fantastic (for an SUV of course), and also has a great color palette, AND it’s Porsche!

If I’m on a budget, then I’d buy something from the Mazda (CX-5), Honda (CRV) or Toyota (RAV4) family or one of their larger siblings.

LOL, @sushiritto, it’s not THAT flexible.
After some more review watching (Alex on Autos is very thorough), I’ve eliminated the VW.
I’m looking at two companies with stellar safety records at the top of the model line to get all of the optional safety features.
I’m taking the Volvo for an overnight today; I may head to a Subaru dealership to compare the two with a keener eye.
I’ll update when I’ve made up my mind.

@doschicos I have a brand new Subaru Forester as a loaner right now. With all the bells and whistles. I own two Volvos. This Forester has a great deal of pep, get up and go…much better than from older models. I am very impressed with it…all around.

Last loaner I had was a Volvo XC40 and while I liked it, I think this Subaru Forester is better.

Of course, everyone has their own decision about what the think is better…or not.

Check out the Mazda CX-5. Tows a little more than the Subaru, Honda, or Toyota; very comfortable; great engine that is peppy yet fuel efficient.