New College of Florida VS Simmons College

I’m rejected by most of my colleges and feel frustrated now. I don’t know what to say. Just not sure which choice is better for me. My major is biochemistry, and I’m an international student. I like the environment of Boston, but I’m also used to the weather of Florida.

NCF is very different from most American colleges.
It’s more like grad-school-lite and sends a ton of grads to grad school.
I have it as a Near-Ivy by alumni outcomes:

New College is outstanding. Simmons is solid, but New College is a notch above. They are also very different. Simmons is a women’s college while New College is coed. Simmons has a standard grading policy while New College does not hand out grades, only evaluations. Finally, if finances are a concern, and assuming you are not receiving any financial aid or scholarships, New College is roughly $10,000/year cheaper than Simmons.

“New College does not hand out grades, only evaluations”

How does this work when applying to graduate school?


Simmons is in a big city and preprofessional.
NCF is non traditional - since you live in Florida, make sure you visit. It is intensely intellectual and crunchy. Very different from Simmons.
Are you still waiting to hear from any school?
You could send an application to a few colleges still accepting them, or accept one by May 1st but wait till the list of colleges that miscalculated yield comes out around May 5th and apply to a few there in case one admits you.


Thank you.
I am on the waitlist of BC and Northeastern, which I don’t put much hope on. As for sending applications, I don’t really know which colleges would be suitable.

Well, what goals do you have?

My further goal is to go to graduate level for food science/nutrition or something related to biochemistry.

If you do not mind going to college located on a tropical beach and being surrounded by highly intellectual and welcoming students who do not believe in competing with each other because there are no grades to worry about, go to New College of Florida.