New Conference

<p>so how do you people feel about all of this? personally i think this is the perfect opportunity for schools to get ahead.</p>

<p>I think UT might end up staying in the Big 12, we should know something by tuesday.(they're having a meeting)</p>

<p>A&M will more than likely head to the SEC, which by the way is the best football conference. The SEC has offered them any and everything they want...</p>

<p>The Big 12 will more than likely fold or become something like the new c-usa/mwc.(possibly)</p>

<p>Nebraska and Colorado have already left....</p>

<p>Tech/A&M dont belong in the Pac 10(academic reasons, although A&M has pretty good programs)..</p>

<p>People say Texas wants the money, since they dont know what their program will look like after mack brown retires. UT is aiming to get their own network. </p>

<p>USC on the other hand.........bisssssssshh...</p>

<p>I wonder how Texas would hold up in the SEC lol</p>

<p>Boise State is now a member of the Mountain West Conference...</p>

<p>The SEC has not offered A&M anything and everything they want.</p>

<p>they are offering them an "ideal" package. Looks like the aggies are looking to break away from Texas aka the Strong Arm......</p>

<p>On another note, the Big 12 will not become the MWC... It looks like the MWC may be the new Big 12</p>

<p>I think Texas is looking for somewhere to put their foot in the door, the Big 12 seems to be decaying. On the other hand it is possible for Texas to stay in the Big 12 but the school is definately considering to leave the conference.</p>

<p>As of now, i think Texas will head for the Pac 10. If the Big 12 throws major $$$ at them, it might be different.</p>

<p>This plane of Beebe's to save the conference is nothing. There is no way he can make a plan for the B12 to work that will bring in what the top-grossing conferences are now bringing in. Especially after the image of this conference is now in tatters with all the movement.</p>

<p>Texas is after the money, where does all that money go anyway? I wonder how much UTs president makes...</p>

<p>Texas wants the money, but it certainly isn't because they are scared of when Mack Leaves. That is the purpose of locking up Muschamp with that nice contract (although I think he would leave for the Georgia job). I still think they end up in the Pac 10.</p>

<p>yea money talks, this has really made the off-season interesting</p>

<p>Texas remains uncultured, turns down Pac 10. (That's my idea for the headline)</p>

<p>Texas</a> turns down Pac-10; Big 12 schools have framework of deal | College Sports News | Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News</p>

<p>Yup, they turned it down and are staying in the big 12.</p>


<p>That's too bad. I was looking forward to making fun of my friends at Oregon State University and University of Oregon when Texas beats them at everything :D</p>

<p>SEC officially better than Big 12 in academics. My how far we've fallen. This conference, academically, is in free fall.</p>

<p>this is great news, now Big 12 has to invite 2-4 new schools... A meeting is being held wednesday, several other schools will in attendance.. The question is who's it gonna be? </p>

<p>Pac 10 beats both academically. your idea for the headline was nice</p>

<p>Apparently UT will get their own network which will bring in $20-25 mill a year.</p>

<p>yea that was something the pac 10 wouldnt let them do..</p>

<p>i dont think Ut is getting their network right off the bat though.</p>

<p>Big</a> 12 bounces back, lives to play again - Yahoo! News</p>

<p>Big 12 lives to fight another day. Texas is getting a big concession from the Big 12. I wonder if we are going to kick Baylor out of Big 12 and invite some worthy teams.</p>

<p>Baylor is staying, and we're not recruiting any other teams - we're the new Big 10, essentially, and we will not have a conference championship for the time being.</p>